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Relocation to a new country may be tough. And apart from the visa, you may need help with finding employment or setting up a business in the UK.

Our team of consultants will be delighted to help wherever we can.

How it works

Our advisor will talk with with you about your experience, your expectations and the job opportunities you would wish to pursue in the UK. She will review your CV and will let you know if there is a way to improve it. 

She will give you tips about the cover letter and how express your interest in the job. She will guide you through the background research about the prospective employer and will discuss with you their profile, expectations and the best way to prepare for the interview.

Our consultant will look out for opportunities that best match your profile and will do her best to promote your talent.

If you need further help, we are happy to discuss and assist with each individual job application and hold your hand throughout the process. Where possible, we are happy to arrange mock interviews with the representatives of the profession of interest to you so that you could have feedback and recommendations before going for a real life interview.

We love seeing our clients successful!

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